Organizing Fiend 6:31 p.m. 2004-07-08

I am sitting here, taking a break after my weekly massage, and eating a bowl of warm blueberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream.

I know, shoot me now! But what can I say? I am on vacation. Obviously that plan to diet and dramatically lose weight in time for the new school year has not panned out... Oh, well!

This morning, I woke up and persuaded my husband to come with me and the dog for a walk in Norcross. While waiting for him to get ready (drink coffee, take a shower - whew - MEN!), I began to re-organize the shelves in our (my) garage. I continued after we returned from lunch and have filled two shelves with art and project supplies. I still have some things to move around, and I keep on finding frames as I go along...

I have a LOT of frames!

...but I see the end in sight. I also have my garage sale/Goodwill items off to the side to transport in the next few days. I am going the way of "no garage sale" at the moment. As it is, I have a lot to do to market the items I bought for that purpose. I have recipe cards to write and publish, items to put on E-Bay, barrettes and boxes to glue-gun flowers onto, things to paint...

I am going to make it a goal to make one of each of my sale items - or a set of each, and to photograph them in order to make up a product sales flyer. This will enable me to go to retail stores and take orders before I make any more things. I also have to put up a website to refer people to.

Almost two weeks ago, I ordered items from I haven't received them yet, and am dying to see how they come out. Oh, you say you haven't HEARD of my CafePress shops? Here they are:

Paris Eiffel

Peace on Earth Mother

Frida Heart

Creature of the Night

Heart of Texas

Heart of Mexico

Voodoo Heart

Loteria Heart - the logo for my blog!

Please check them out - all of the excess proceeds will go to supporting an underpaid ESOL teacher so that she doesn't have to buy a doctorate from an internet mill in Liberia. ;-)

What else? I am going to buy a Sony Clie. I put my husband on the task of researching the best deal on the internet, and think I can come out okay. I tried using his old Palm Pilot, but I am sad to say that, although I was getting the hang of the stylus and special alphabet, I wasn't too into it. I then tried a specially made organizer, but I have not been consistent in using it either. I used to be sooooo good about using an agenda. I can be again!

The asset with the new Clie (or, actually, last year's model, but still new to me) is the color display. I will be able to upload pictures of my merchandise to have at hand at any time to show potential clients! I also really need an address book that is in one place. After I organize all the merchandise I have bought, I can keep a running inventory and reality/cost check for each.

Finally, it will give me something important-looking to do during faculty meetings! It will look like I am taking notes! And, I might be! There's always a first time!

I sent a little summer care package to my niece and nephews the other day. I found these cute instructional books - hard bound with supplies and an idea sketch pad - one on calligraphy (for my 12 year old niece), one on cartoon drawing (for my 10 year old nephew so that he can be the next Yu Gi Oh magnate), and one on modeling clay animals (for my six year old nephew). I got a call today with a thank you from the boys. Niece is off on a trip to California - thank you very much! I have stashed a couple of Priority Mail boxes to send more creative gifts their way. For instance, I saw precious unpainted birdhouses at Michaels and I am dying to send those their way!!!

It feels great to find a "home" for all of this crap I collect. I sent yo yo cut-outs for a quilt that my grandmother started and never finished to her daughter in California, who is also an outstanding quilter. I kept the completed yo-yo squares to frame in shadow boxes for the family.

I can't stop now! Gotta go organize!

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