Have a Heart... 10:51 a.m. 2004-06-28

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I have been a scanning and perfecting maniac as of late. In fact, I am being remiss in my dog-walking duties to publish this right now:

I now have FOUR designs available. I practiced and tweaked and printed out the valentines full-sized (8 inches wide). I am most satisfied with the quality of the Mexico and Texas hearts, but the Loteria and Voodoo hearts are fine with me (although my husband is a bit more picky!) Please check them out and refer them to anyone you think might be interested!

Love from Texas - This is a heart that I designed for Mother's Day. My mom's family is from Texas. Here is a link to my photo album for a quick look at the design!

Heart of Mexico - I made this one for my students to color (many are from Mexico and I am always looking for an alternative to gangster wear and art!). Here it is in my Photo Center!

Voodoo Heart (Revenge is Sweet) - No, I do not worship Voodoo, but being from Louisiana, I did read a lot about it when I was a youngster. I had a lot of fun doing this heart. It tells a little story!

Loteria Heart - This was not my first collage, but it is one of my favorites. I liked it so much that I made it the logo on my blog!

Coming soon, my Vampire Heart valentine (see photo album!) and a Frida Valentine (I promise, no thong!)

Gotta go walk the dog!

4:00 PM - I walked the dog and ate a sandwich. Then, I uploaded my vampire valentine to CafePress.com. I call it Creature of the Night.

11:30PM - Frida is done! I am running out of creative things to name my sites. I think this one is called Frida Heart. I spent time designing a logo, too. I just spent $50.00 ordering one item from each shop. I will report on the quality when I get them. I think I mostly got T-shirts of different types, but I did order a Frida Heart lunch box! I also have started throwing away things - cassettes that are 20 years old, for one thing!

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