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Leo Horoscope for week of June 24, 2004

from Free Will Astrology:

You've got that look in your eye, Leo -- that slightly demented, fervently giddy expression I see in you every now and then. Judging from previous experience, I surmise you're about to either launch a brave quest to the frontiers of your understanding or else hurl yourself into a sticky abyss where all the demons adore you. You realize there's a difference, right? One is scary fun and the other is glamorous torment. Please go to your room, take a hundred deep, slow breaths, and meditate about what you should do next to prove how much you love yourself.

This is so apt! I am currently in one of those creative frenzies wherein I have billions of ideas, and am buying all sorts of project supplies, but haven't done anything with them.

Well, that's not totally true. I have made some new collages. They are so relaxing because I can do them while watching TV! I also did some sorting of the many images that I have culled from magazines to use in future collages.

What I did yesterday, aside from buying art supplies and obsessively trying to find the potter who made the mini quiche baker I bought in Little Switzerland, was to write down all of the Projects I have before me. It is a lot. I have much painting and decoupage to do. I also want to print up a press kit and flyers so that I can send them to arts festivals.

I have fallen into my good old summer schedule: stay up until around 1 AM, and wake up around 10 AM. Despite my best intentions to get up at 7 or 8 and walk every day, I just am not doing that. Consequentally, I woke this morning and changed up my routine a bit. I actually took a bath in the morning and shaved my legs. I never have done this because I have had experiences with razor burn that seem to coincide with morning shaving.

Fascinating, isn't this?

Anyway, I have shaved with no ill effect, and immediately took my dog to downtown Norcross for a 30 minute walk. I plan on taking another 30 minute walk (with or without the dog) this afternoon. Downtown Norcross is really cute, and I still have to go on a walk where I actually go into all of the shops - I have gone into some.

On my way back, I picked up a free-standing brass toilet roll dispenser. Don't laugh, but I have pictured the perfect use for it. Teachers, listen up! Every year, we beg and plead for students to bring in boxes of tissue so that we don't have to pay for them to blow their noses (and there is a LOT of year-around nose-blowing, thanks to Georgia's lovely pollinated atmosphere!). Eventually, we always have to resort to stealing rolls of toilet paper from the teacher's lounge bathroom (aw, come on, you would, too!). Now, I have found the perfect solution to that problem. I am going to station the dispenser in the back of the room, next to the door (for those delicate souls who must go outside to blow...) and ask students to bring in rolls of toilet paper - surely they can spare (or swipe) one roll of TP!

You see how my mind is working overtime? I see uses in everything! Which is why I probably need to make it a priority to get rid of a bunch of junk that I have around the house! I am already quite the packrat! I recently checked out a couple of issues of Real Simple magazine and got some great ideas on organization.

Yet ONE MORE THING to do!!!

I know, no one feels my pain, because I am a teacher on summer vacation...

I know, shut up about being on vacation....

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