Coloring My Hair 11:14 a.m. 2004-06-12

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Well, in case you were on the edge of your seats the other day, wondering what I was going to do...

(Will she go see a movie? Which movie? More importantly, How was the popcorn?)

I ended up using my free pass to go see Mean Girls again. I appreciated it more on the second viewing. I especially enjoyed the portrayal of the principal and the math teacher. They were great!

Here are some quotes from the movie:

Mr. Duvall(the principal): There is a serious problem here and we're going to solve it right now. I'll keep you here all night if I have to.

Secretary: We can only keep them until four.

Mr. Duvall: I will keep you here until four.

Mr. Duvall: I should cancel your Spring Fling, but I'm not going to do that. We've already paid the DJ.

I guess those are only priceless if you are an educator! Here are more!

Mr. Duvall: I have a nephew named Anferny, and I know how much he hates it when I call him Anthony. Almost as much as I hate the fact that my sister named him Anferny.

Mr. Duvall: How was your summer?

Ms. Norbury (Math Teacher): Great. I got divorced.

Mr. Duvall: My carpel tunnel syndrome came back.

Ms. Norbury: I win.

Damian: You can't join Mathletes, it's social suicide!

Ms. Norbury: Thanks, Damian.

Student: Well, the book(the infamous Burn Book that was uncovered) said I wasn't a virgin. But I only wear extra absorbent tampons because I have a wide vagina and heavy blood flow!

Mr. Duvall: Okay, I can't do this.

Oh, and don't forget the Coach:

Coach Carr: Don't have sex! Because you will get Chlamydia... and die!

The Coach who is later found to be having sex with two of the Vietnamese students...

Mr. Duvall: Coach Carr, step away from the underage ladies!

Okay, enough of that - go see it! And go see 13 Going on 30 as well!

As for the popcorn, well, I have to say it wasn't stellar. First, they gave me a tub with stale popcorn. I asked for fresh after tasting it. They took some that looked like fresh, but as I worked my way past the buttered part, it was almost unbearably salty. So, I dumped it and got a refill (this is why I get the tub - not necessarily because I am going to eat it all....), which was also salty.

Still, will I never get buttered popcorn again. Not likely! I am an optimist!

Okay, it's time to rinse the haircolor out of my hair - Later!

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