Business Woman 11:34 p.m. 2004-06-04

Leo Horoscope for week of June 3, 2004 from Free Will Astrology:

"Leafing through Forbes or Fortune is like reading the operating manual of a strangely sanctimonious pirate ship," wrote Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker. My perspective is a little different. I think of Forbes and Fortune as the Bibles of the world's pre-eminent religion, the Holy Orthodox Church of Business As Usual. It's a cult we all have to come to terms with and pay tribute to. What's your relationship with it, Leo? Have you made your peace, or are you in a state of tormented denial? If it's the former, the next three months will be a favorable time to increase your income. If it's the latter, you should consider going on a financial vision quest.

Well, with both my husband and I trying to be responsible financial custodians, I suppose this is an omen that I am doing the right thing. Or am I? I still have a lot of kinks and quirks to work out in my business dealings. I definitely need organizational help!

My husband, for example, wanted us to sit down and go over the whys and wherefores of filling out business licenses for our separate businesses. I balked. That's no fun! I would much rather paint things or handle my glue gun... Also, I come from a long line of revenue shirkers and on the side business holders (okay, I have at least one person in my direct family tree with that inclination...) and I always want to wait until business gets better before I have to go "legit." But I will be a good girl, if only to be able to write off expenses on my next tax returns...

I am spending the night at my mother's place, as her condo developement is having a community garage sale tomorrow morning. I have found some garage sale type items, and am going to display my crafts, too. We'll see what comes of it!

Today I sent off an entry form and photos of my work to the Crepe Myrtle Festival HQ in Monroe, Georgia. It is next weekend. While Dad and I were passing through their fair town, I picked up a flyer, and it said that there were still craft vendor booths available. We will just have to see if I get accepted! If so, it will be my first official craft fair!

I'm off to beddie bye! It's going to be tough waking up at 6:30 or 7:00 AM to set up, but I slept late this morning - until noon! Sunday morning, my husband and I begin our nursery school duty (one month - mandatory to members of our church...). Somehow we got out of it last summer - probably the change of address threw them off! Anyway, I will have to sleep late on Monday to make up for it!

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