One of My Collages 10:22 p.m. 2004-06-02

Haven't been good for much lately - it's hard to get out of the vacation state of mind. I made an observation that there is a new psychological disorder that describes me - I just don't have a name for it. Here is what it is: I am able to get an astounding amount of work done while I am supposed to be doing something else... While teaching, I am able to do all sorts of stuff I am not technically supposed to be doing at work. On the other hand, here I am with all the time in the world and all I want to do is sleep!

Here is one of my collages - it may be too big for this page, but here goes. I named it "Wake Up and Smell the Open Road."

I may put more up in my photo center, but I will have to see! At present, I need to print some of them out, sign and number them, then frame them. I also have shrine-making materials up the wahzoo, but last night was spent with the glue gun, attaching Mardi Gras medallions and flowers to barrettes.

Today, I went by Pier One, and purchased some wooden switchplate covers with the hardware included for $.88 apiece. They are red with football helmets and footballs painted on them. I think I can do better than that.

I still have not paid my bills for the month. I am blithely spending away (Hey how about getting a personal trainer? - No, I haven't done that, yet) - it's so much more fun when you don't know how little you will have left after the bills are paid!

My father has returned to Mississippi, and it's now up to me to try and not kill the new plants! I am also excited because I have quite a few blackberry bushes growing in the woods behind my house, and the berries are red. There was one black one yesterday - it is gone today. Looks like it will be me against the birds for these berries! My husband starts to feel anxiety when berry season comes - just because I contracted a staph infection from a scratch or insect bite a couple of years ago! This time, I promise that I will wear protective clothing!

I had a lovely massage this morning - for the first time ever, I have a "regular" student that I request for my massages. She is really good. I will miss her when she graduates in August. I love being so near to the Atlanta School of Massage - I am determined to take advantage of their aesthetic services, too - such as a facial sometime soon.

After massage, I went to Toyo Ta Ya for the sushi buffet. I tried to talk myself out of it - after all, I just went to Costco yesterday and our house is filled with food! - but I could not resist. I will be better tomorrow!

For dinner, I served a concoction that involved a papaya/peach/onion marinade (with cachaca, a Brazilian liquor...), chicken thighs (I thought I was thawing out pork, but I like chicken thighs!), and mixed veggies (sweet potato, Vidalia onions, carrots, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and pineapple!). I will put the recipe on my recipe website and post it later. I served it with rice, and it was good!

I have stopped with my traditional inserts of recipe of the day, current reading and the like because it was stifling my ability to just get in there and write. But I am thinking of listing my NetFlix rotation (the three current films I am seeing), and the recipe site again.

I watched a wierd French film called "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs" last night. It was very strange, and I guess, very French. The good news is that Gerard Depardieu used to be stunningly handsome. The bad news is that the woman's role in the movie is to sit there passively (sometimes knitting in the nude) and to "educate" a 13-year-old schoolboy (wise beyond his years, of course!). Pretty wacky!

The moon is gorgeous tonight! Full, and big. I swear that I can actually see the Man in the Moon! I thought that it was on the wane, as all of the wierd night behaviors happened last week, but I guess I was wrong!

Good Night Moon!

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