Memorial Day 10:33 p.m. 2004-05-31

I am really pooped right now, but the gardening is almost set. Dad and I hit a plant sale at Lowe's and picked out sad little plants for 25 cents apiece to take home. I thought that I had plenty of plants, but still have the two long planters at the base of the steps to fill! Yikes!

I have also done nothing to move forward on gathering things for the condo-wide garage sale at my Mom's place. I could sell my frames and art and stuff, but I also have a lot of crap I could get rid of... Looks like I am no longer on vacation!

My mother is currently in Louisiana, visiting my sister. They are also checking on some merchandise that I left in a shop in Covington. Seems that the proprietor does not answer her phone and doesn't return messages. Or cut checks at the beginning of the month like she said she would. The good news is that I have made $80.00. I am still taking my stuff out!

My mother may have also gotten me a commission to do a collage for a client's side table. I have not displayed any of my color collages yet. I will do so soon! It's kind of intimidating. It's one thing to make these things for fun, and another thing to get paid!

My husband and I went to see "The Day After Tomorrow" last night. I know, it's a confusing title. It was an okay movie - a gimmee to the hubby - it was better than having to see "Van Helsing"...but I bet I will have to go see that, too.

Yesterday, my Dad and I made the Hwy. 120 arc from Norcross to Roswell (where we stopped to eat Mexican food - again!) to Marietta and all the way north to the Hwy. 41 flea market. What I believe used to be an old style roadside flea market is now 90% frequented by Mexicans.

I love that, but I have to admit that there's slim pickin's in the way of good old flea market treasures. If you are in need of bras, underwear, or socks - or lucky bamboo, soccer t-shirts and the latest in gangster wear, they have you set up! I also go over and see the livestock - there were chickens and goats and rabbits, leading to the "pets or food" question. There were puppies, and I am pretty sure they were pets. (sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Oh, did I mention it was hot as hell?! And, strangely enough, it was pleasant and cool today. Wacky weather!

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