Rambling on! 9:59 p.m. 2004-05-29

Well, it's an exciting night in Gwinnett County - we just heard screeching not far outside our back porch. Our curiosity piqued, my dad and I stepped out in time to see a red pick-em-up truck scratching donuts and burning rubber in the parking lot that adjoins the back of our subdivision. A mere holey fence separates us from the scarey rednecks here!

I am sipping on the rest of my Midori margarita (take one On The Border margarita bucket, add tequila and orange liqueur and place in freezer - I like to add Minute Maid limeade to lower the alcohol content. Then, I ramp it up by scooping a couple of cups of the frozen stuff into a glass and adding a shot of Midori melon liqueur and more limeade, plus a twist of lime - YUMMY!). My husband is concerned at my habit of late of enjoying my margarita around cocktail hour, after taking my Prozac... I say Puh-Shaw! I am on vacation after all!!!!!!

I just have enough for one more vacation night, and then I will be good, I promise. After several days and nights of wacky eating, Dr. Phil and I will probably have to have a talk...Not that any of his stuff has really sunk in yet. But, I refer to my Free Will Astrology posted yesterday. It refers to 7 pieces to a puzzle.

There are 7 KEYS to Dr. Phil's plan. Hmmmm....

But the horoscope also refers to having fun. I find that antithetical to any alteration of my diet. But that's just me.

Yesterday, Dad and I went to the Georgia State Farmer's Market to buy plants. Across the street from the actual Farmer's Market is an attempt at a Latino Wholesale Club. Dad and I went over and were two of the few patrons at 12:30 noon. We went to the cafeteria, where I specifically requested tacos de borrega - lamb tacos with the works: cilantro, onions, green sauce and a hotter red sauce that Dad liked. We also had lime, grilled green onions, and Dad had a fried jalapeno pepper. It was the best thing I have had since my trip to Houston.

Last night, my husband and I went to the movies to see Shrek Two. I found it quite amusing, but my favorite line was an insert during the credits. If anyone remembers the original Shrek, Donkey fell in love with a dragon. We don't see Dragon for the whole film because they are on the outs. During the credits, Dragon shows up with a pack of purple and grey fuzzy winged donkey/dragon babies. Donkey (voiced by Eddie Murphy) yells, "Hey, look at our mutant babies!"

I guess you had to be there!

I thought that Antonio's cat was good, but I thought that the success of that character had less to do with Antonio, and more to do with digital animation and timing. I also enjoyed Jennifer Saunder's turn as the Fairy Godmother. It was fun!

This morning, I woke up around 9:30 - my new wake-up call! (did I mention I am on VACATION?) Dad dug holes and planted my new Endless blooming (okay, until the first frost, that is) hydrangea, and on of my bargain gardenias, while I planted the gorgeous geraniums and my herbs and other plants. I still have more to buy to fill in my window boxes.

Observe my back deck and below. I will be filling the window boxes and pots on my deck with geraniums and lantanna and herbs and any other bright flower I can find. The hydrangea will be to the left of the crook of the stairway, and will grow to be about 5 feet in diameter, hiding those ugly pylons. A Confederate Jasmine will be trained on the other angle, with two bright Lantanna's on either side.

Dad is transplanting the canna lilies to form natural barriers on either side of the base of the deck, and the gardenias will be planted in front of them. Maybe not this summer, but definitely by next summer, we are going to lay bricks in sand and form another little patio down there.

Dad and I went on further errands, and almost found the deal of the century. A nursery had mispriced some of the "Jenny" all-summer blooming hydrangea bushes at $3.00. Unfortunately, before we could buy 10 of them and skedaddle, we were informed that they were mispriced. They were supposed to be $30.00. Still, we bought some sale Shasta Daisies, and I added another variety of Lantanna to my collection.

Now, if I could only find Fireweed.

I sent e-mails to my friends in Europe, telling them that our trip would have to wait until next year. I still have to write an actual letter to Mireille, my one friend who will not get e-mail. My husband asked me to issue her an ultimatum: hustle herself to the local library and get a Yahoo account. You can lead a horse to water, but...

Okay, I have rambled enough. Later!

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