Two Weeks Left of School 12:38 p.m. 2004-05-11

Current Listening: Love is a Racket by John Ridley
Current Reading: Let's Go: Europe and Frommer's Europe by Eurail
Recipes of the Day: Ramen Noodles, Anyone? - variations on poverty food!

Yes, I know that I have been remiss! It just seems that there are not enough hours in the day to do all that I want. Plus, I am not getting good sleep lately. I have my THIRD attack of some sort of pollen - second this spring. I am now on Claritin D and wake up regularly to hack and choke and cough - and need to drink water. Then, I wake up to pee. Lovely.

In the spare time that I usually used to do my journaling, I am now working on my art. I have gone from black and white collages and have colored some (like my Loteria valentine here), to painted frames and coasters to paper mache masks to photo collages. I am also trying to walk in the afternoons.

And...drum roll husband and I are going to Europe in June! We are using a combination of Delta SkyMiles given to him by his brother for his birthday and others inherited by his mother. Through inquiries, I was able to make reservations on an outgoing flight to Munich on June 5th and a returning flight from on June 22nd. Now we have to decided where to go. I had originally planned on just visiting friends - we have possibilities in Paris and Poitiers, France. We will be staying with a friend when we return to the Munich area, and I also have a possibility in Belgium. Then, there are friends in both the Channel Islands (Jersey) and Birmingham, England.

My husband, on the other hand, wants to take me to some places where I haven't been. I have never been to Germany, so that will be new. He also wants to go to Switzerland and Austria. These are three pretty expensive places! We will have to work it out. I am going to do some figuring online in a minute.

Only two more weeks of school! We are all ready to go!

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