AEB Day 11:43 a.m. 2004-03-31

Current Listening: Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding and Alice Alone by Amanda Brookfield (listened to both on road trip!
Current Reading: La Casa Loca and Making Shrines and Altars by Kathy Cano Murillo
Recipes of the Day: Menu and Recipes for Build a Taco Party!

So, yesterday was very very jam-packed with activity! Whilst writing in my blog and having my students listen to their daily dose of Esperanza Rising (they are listening to the book on tape!), my assistant principal entered my room to observe my teaching! Surprise! The key is never to panic, and I didn't. I gave her a copy of the book, and stopped the tape at an appropriate place to explain what a strike was, then finished the segment for the day. Then, on to grammar! I need to meet with her today re: end of the year conference, but feel pretty confident.

After school yesterday, I went home and walked the dog, and then I went out to run errands. I didn't feel like watching what was on Oprah - no matter how inspiring it might be. I am not into the second Dr. Phil family - talk about your white trash! I headed out to Petsmart to buy dog food, then to Target.

On my way to Target, I stopped first at the Hobby Lobby, and that was it for me! I have only recently discovered this place and can easily spend hours there! I started out just looking for some more Elmers glue pens, but soon got distracted by the iron plant stands and crosses and the wooden boxes and mini armoires (I am into trying my hand at making a shrine!). I had grabbed a cute - if frail looking - chinese style armoire, and was going to buy it for half price, but then I camed upon the unpainted unpainted wooden furniture - BINGO!

I first looked at some doll armoires and dressers - and those I might do later (including a large, 3 foot high one!) - but then I stumbled across the unpainted frames. The first one I will work on is a cute frame with doors that open to cover the picture. I will cover the country heart at the top and embellish the front doors with wooden appliques. I then found a playing card case, and a small cabinet with a punched tin front on sale. Lots of possibilities.

If you are interested in creating your own shrine, check out the Crafty Chica - Kathy Cano Murillo - herself! She even has a DIY Latino Shrine in a Box Kit! She also has written a couple of articles of particular interest to me, called Crafting for Cash and The Art of Living. Check them out!

This next weekend, I am going to Houston, Texas, to visit my best friend! It is going to be a LOT of fun! She even wants me to bring some of my frames and coasters (see Bravenet Photo Album below) to see if we can sell them! We are going to eat dim sum for Sunday Brunch, and basically do all sorts of fun stuff. I am looking forward to it a LOT! This will be the second weekend that I will have abandoned my husband. Last weekend, he shaved my dog...

I had to leave the Hobby Lobby in time to make my massage appointment last night. I go to the Atlanta School of Massage Clinic at least twice a month, as the massages given by students are only $35/hour. I have rarely had a bad massage there. They do other things too, like facials and body wraps. It's a great resource!

Today is a short day for the students, called AEB (Academic Enrichment Block) Day. Today, the seventh graders go home at 12:20 and the 8th graders stay for planned activities. I have my dog in the car, and after my conference with the assistant principal about my observation, I will bring her in. We are going for a walk.

Only two more days until Spring Break!!!

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