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Let the testing begin! Today is the start of the ITBS Testing - all week! I get a class combined of 13 students - I am taking the 7th graders while the other ESOL teacher takes the 8th graders. I am showing them a movie when they finish. I am getting irritated at the whisperers in back. They annoy me!

I spent the morning sending e-mails to my students. I have set them up with e-mail accounts and with diary accounts (no, not on Diaryland or any other!). I am hoping that this will improve their writing skills. I have the computer lab reserved from now until Spring Break, and I am looking for journal prompts and other assignments for them to write about.

Of course, that will be besides their regular work, that is!

Since I am so fascinated by La Loteria - the game! - I asked them to write what they knew about how to play it. I plan on then sending them to Teresa Villegas's website to see her lovely installation and to learn more about the background of the game. I have a couple of other made-up loteria games that I will show them, and then I am going to have them make up their own cards. I may have to have my Mexican students emcee a game or two so that the students from other countries will understand about the poem/riddle they have to write!

Yesterday, I went to the Rubber Stamp and Art Festival. It was fun after I found it - I got pushed into parking at Arena Football first! I knew that there was something wrong when I saw all the men there!

I stayed at the Festival for over two hours. I bought a few stamps - crowns, fleur de lis, and some milagros and two Virgin Marys. I also got tips on how to use an embossing tool and how to clean rubber stamps!

I met the people behind my favorite stamping sites, such as Stamp Camp and Stampland Chicago. I gained some new favorites, like Lost Coast Designs. I also found out about a local stamp shop that gives lessons on cool things like shrine-building and making microscope slide necklaces!

When I got home, it was so gorgeous outside that I painstakingly set up my work table on the back deck. Then I covered it with brown grocery bag paper - stuck on with duct tape! - and set up to prime and paint frames and coasters. I worked a long time on that, while the doggies played out back and in the woods. It was lovely, if a little windy at times.

After dinner, I finally was able to get down to some actual art. I decoupaged the little loteria images to my painted coasters. Then, while looking for foil confetti, I found a couple of pieces of wrapping tissue decorated with funky flowers. I brought that down and decoupaged them over white based coasters.

I finally opened my box of I don't remember how many glue pens to embellish my designs. I overblobbed a tiny bit on some, but my coasters look gorgeous now that the glitter glue and everything has dried. I will next need to layer Modge Podge over them, and I am going to go get some waterproof sealant from my mom so that they can actually be used as coasters.

This has pretty much decided me on the buying all of the rest of the coasters at the Pier One clearance store! My hand will probably be cramping from all of the pressure of squeezing those little glitter glue tubes! I didn't get to bed until midnight!

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