An afternoon of tea 8:18 p.m. 2004-03-06

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I'm pooped! I got up this morning at 8:00 AM to prepare for an afternoon tea and baby shower for my sister-in-law, who's due at the end of April. I had bought her gift on Wednesday afternoon at Sprout - this kid's clothing store next to Bacchanalia/ Star Provisions in the Westside shopping center off Howell Mill Road. I got the cutest dresses there! One was chocolate brown with bright pictures of kitty-cats all over it! The other was butter yellow with red and blue horses.

But that is where my pre-planning came to a halt. I got mightily wrapped up in priming and painting a bunch of carved frames I purchased at the Pier One Clearance store. I have had my eye on them for a long time - and finally purchased the last 52 for $2.00 apiece. I am going to re-sell them in their new wild colors with bright pictures of Loteria cards and other kitschy things inside.

Then, I decided to try and do something with the heavy metal coasters they are trying to get rid of there. They are painted with a leopard design, and I am re-painting them, also in bright colors, and decoupaging them with cards and maybe glitter and confetti. I will then shellac them to make them water-tight. If this works, I will buy the rest of them.

Back to the shower. Last night, it took me two hours to get home from the hairdressers - I still don't know what the cause was! I was too tired to prepare food, but, after going out to eat with my husband to Fonda San Carlos, I managed to paint more picture frames. I went to bed at about 10:30, promising myself I would get up at 8:00 and finish cleaning up. I then went shopping. I hit Harry's Farmers Market, Costco, and then Kroger and made it home by noon.

Mom got there at about 1:30, and we worked feverishly - trying not to panic. We made it - despite the fact that many of the guests were actually early! If I had it to do over again, I would have shopped last night.

But, the tea was lovely, and everyone - mostly friends of my deceased mother-in-law - was very impressed with the house and the tea. My sister-in-law got all sorts of great stuff, and her mother was able to be there.

We had a lot of food left over, so I had gravlax and pumpernickel for supper. I am starting to fade, so I think I'll sign off and go to bed soon. My sister has encouraged me to send some things to be sold at Mi Casa, a Mexican Import store in Covington, Louisiana. So tomorrow I will get to work. I also may attend the Georgia Art and Rubber Stamp Festival.

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