Snow Day! 4:11 p.m. 2004-02-26

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This morning, I woke up at the normal time, and was putting on my clothes to go downstairs and feed the dog. The phone rang - it was the teacher above me on the "phone chain." She said "No school today!"

Yippee! I fed the dog, went upstairs and put in my contacts. Then I looked out of the window - SNOW!!!! I let the dog out to do her business - she came back, covered in - SNOW!!!!

How completely unexpected! Yes, I know that there had been weather reports warning of it, but I have been burned so many times this year - looking forward to snow days that never came about.

I stayed up and watched a bit of the weather news. Then, I lounged around while my husband got ready for work. He brushed off his car and carefully drove to work.

I went back to sleep and slept until - ahem! - 12:55... I got up and went to Lupita's Mexican Restaurant for chilaquiles and flan. No, I did not have a margarita!

Then, I went to Publix and stocked up on groceries. I think I will make a lasagna - maybe tomorrow. Tonight, I think I will try a Thai Kitchen Curry Soup mix I found. It looks good! I will add veggies and chicken to it! I hope it's not too spicy!

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