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From wow4u.com:

QUOTE of the WEEK: "If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work another day in your life." -Confucius

THOUGHT for Your WEEK: Are Your Dreams Aligned With Your Passions?By Josh Hinds (c) 2003

Making sure our goals are properly aligned with our passions only makes sense. If you have the wish to move up the corporate ladder, start your own business, or just about any other worthy goal you're going to make things a lot easier on yourself if you're working on things that get you personally excited and make you feel alive when you're working on them i.e. following your passions).

We hear this a lot I know... But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why this is?

Hopefully this will help...

A simple rule of thumb is to do the things that you'd do if you weren't getting paid for them. The simple reality is most any level of lasting achievement takes effort. Often it means going above and beyond the call of duty. Foregoing something in return for the results you're sure you'll reap later on.

Even if others might not see you as exerting quite as much effort as they are (I get this all the time since I "just sit at a computer all day and work from home"... Have you ever heard something similar?). Even so, you're putting forth effort.

I can tell you I can't imagine how much I'd dread getting up each and everyday if what I was doing wasn't aligned with something I also had a strong passion for. Believe me, it's a feeling worth exploring and implementing into your own life.

In summary, I believe that following our passion allows us to sit in a more natural path with regards to achieving our personal success. Why is that? Because instead of counting the hours till we get off and can work on other projects, we'll be more excited about the task at hand.

Which I believe is a lot more likely to equate to your having a feeling of leading a a more productive life. Wouldn't you agree? Not to mention, we're destined to have a whole lot more fun day to day (and I believe, in turn derive more lasting meaning in our lives)...

I hate to be cynical, but, easier said than done! It's not that I don't love my students, or teaching for that matter. I just am in a slump: I have been sick, my students are not very inspiring (therefore, I am probably not, either). They are nice enough, and I think they like me, but they do not have great writing skills. I am not able to do all that I did last year. Just trying to grade their little paragraphs is trying enough!

Here's some advice from my Free Will Astrology:

Leo Horoscope for week of January 29, 2004

In Norway, women comprise 40 percent of the government, and state-owned businesses are required to have at least 40 percent of their board seats filled by women. Private companies will have to meet this standard by 2005. In contrast, 14 percent of both the U.S. and Canadian governments is female, while American and Canadian women hold 13 percent of their countries' corporate board seats. The comparable figures for Australia: 25 percent of the government is female and 11 percent of the corporate boards. If you're thinking what I am, Leo, the governments and corporations of our countries desperately need a makeover. I nominate your tribe to lead the charge in the coming months. The astrological omens suggest that whatever gender you are, you will have an enhanced ability to promote females and feminine values in any sphere where you have influence. Start immediately, and be ingeniously relentless.

What to do? What to do? I am pretty sure of one thing: I am not teaching summer school. It's good money, but I obviously need some down time! And, maybe, one of my artistic visions will make just as much money! Who knows?

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