Must-See Thursday 8:04 p.m. 2003-10-30

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Recipe of the Day: Feijoada, Salpic„o, caipirinha, Brazilian restaurants in Atlanta

Yay!!! It's Thursday! I love Thursdays! I had to speed out of school like a dart - I can't miss Dr. Phil. Thursdays are A Dr. Phil Family day. Yep, I'm hooked. Oprah is okay, but Dr. Phil rocks!

Then, I have two hours to prepare dinner and do whatever before Must-See TV time! I watch Friends out of habit, and, after all, it is their last season. My favorite show, however, is Scrubs. It is so funny. I also still like Will & Grace, but I don't like the show that comes on afterwards.

So, that's when I usually take my bath.

Then, to make it a late night: E.R.. I got out of the habit of watching it for a couple of years, but now I'm back in the loop. Now, George Clooney and Noah Wyle are cute, but they have NOTHING on Goran Visnjic, the lovely Croatian man! Love him!

I know that this is very superficial. I have been swamped, immersed in doing some curricular work for a colleague, and then I pounded out the Cultural Diversity Newsletter (Focus on Brazil)over the past few days. We also got to stay after school yesterday for what was supposed to be a "short" meeting. I got home at 6PM. Before you 9 to 5-ers say "so what?" remember that I get up at 5:30 or 6:00AM.

So, I am tired. I did, however, go and have a massage at my new place: The Atlanta School of Massage. The price of a student massage: $35 an hour. No tipping. I love it - I made another appointment for next Tuesday afternoon. Last month, I had a time of insecurity when I called and couldn't get an appointment for 3 weeks! I was going to try a facial, but cancelled when they called to try and juggle me into another appointment. I will try one sometime, though.

I've got to go - they've shuffled my shows. Will & Grace now, and then Scrubs. I'm so confused.

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