The Karma of Poop 2:27 p.m. 2003-10-26

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Today was another sleep late day - of course, it is not so late when you subtract for Daylight Savings Time!!! At the beginning of the week, I was tense with the proposal of having to get up a whole hour earlier to go to work tomorrow. You don't know how relieved I was when I remembered the old adage: Spring Forward, Fall Back! Yay!!!!

I got up and leisurely made a bologna, ham, cheddar cheese and chutney sandwich on sourdough bread. Then, I set about cleaning out my refrigerator. I took everything out and wiped it down. I threw out a couple of things, and made ready to make a shopping list for the week ahead.

Oh, yeah, and I also walked my dog - twice. One time early to pee, and another time around noon to do more business. But, more on that later.

While going through the silver and china and other stuff that we received when we went through my husband's mother's stuff, I found a bag with a dozen complex Tupperware jello molds. The reason why they are complex is that they are made up of 3 pieces. There is the middle fluted dome, but there is also a small piece with more flutes that you press on top, and finally another piece that snaps on the bottom.

So, I decided to make jello. I had 2 stray boxes in the pantry: one box of cranberry that I have had for a while, and another of "sparkling berry" that we inherited with the house. But, Jello doesn't go bad, right? I boiled my 2 cups of water and added my 2 packets of Jello. To that, I added the juice from the fruit cocktail can, a 1/2 cup of limoncello, a half cup of sauza margarita mix, and added more water... I did not wait to add the fruit, but divided it all up among 9 of the Tupperware cups and put it in the fridge. If it turns out okay, I might do more experimentation and add it to the recipe site!

While I was making my Jello, there was a ring of the doorbell. One of our neighbors was there, and asked to speak to me (the wife!). When I got downstairs, this woman begins to fuss at me for letting my dog poop in her front yard! I listened patiently, and said that, although my dog was not the one who pooped there (I always know exactly where she has gone...), I would be happy to clean it up. She said that she saw my dog squat there. And so on. I finally said, "Ma'am, I'm not going to argue with you. I will go and pick it up." Then she left.

Indulge me for a moment while I get self-righteous. I am very aware of the feelings of "the community" on the leaving of dog poop in yards. Normally, I let my dog out in my own back yard area, and she has a poop there. But, sometimes she is stubborn (or actually wants to take a walk - something I haven't done much of lately - lazy me!), and won't go back there. In that case, or if I am feeling like taking a short walk, I will march her down the middle of the street to an area in the back of many houses. Back there, behind someone's fenced yard, she usually goes.

That is where she went today! But, in the woman's defense, Connolly did stop to pee there.

I don't know why I felt like arguing with the woman - it is true that I was innocent this time. But, there have been times in the past that we have pooped in people's front yards while on walks. Not in this neighborhood, but in the past.

I guess that my poop karma is catching up with me! So, I walked up and down the street in the drizzle until I located the poop (which was not my dog's!) and picked it up.

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