Red Ribbon Day 1:04 p.m. 2003-10-24

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Man, I hate the computers here in our school's computer lab. Here I am, my students quietly typing away, I am trying to get my lesson plans finished... and these computers WON'T LET ME OPEN THE DOCUMENT I SENT TO MYSELF!!!! AAAARGH!

So, plan B - I will have to save that document to a floppy disk and bring it along.... Since I don't have my floppy drive in my laptop, that means I need to go to one of the other machines in my classroom, open my e-mail, and save it to a floppy there.

And, when I gave up and came here to work on my blog, this computere WILL NOT let me view HTML, so I had to go to edit entries...

Why are things so complicated?

Today is Red Ribbon Day. We attended an assembly - I went with my first period 7th graders. The first part of the assembly was someone from Operation Shoebox. She stepped away from the microphone, and was telling a story in a very earnest voice that that the students were straining to hear. Finally, someone told her to go back to the mike...

The best part of the assembly was the presentation of Rudi, the drug-sniffing dog. He was a big hit, and the police officer knew how to address a crowd. The dog is a $10,000 Belgian Malinois that belongs to the city of Marietta. He was a good looking dog!

Unfortunately, the closing speaker for the United Way was a pompous, condescending bore. He obviously had not prepared what he was going to say, and ranted on in fits and starts about service, the opportunities offered by the United Way, and so on... The students had to sit there and try to be polite, like grandchildren at a table where grandpa was ranting on.

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