Does it mean I need support? 3:16 p.m. 2003-09-09

Current Listening: Pagan Babies by Elmore Leonard
Current Reading:Diary of an American Au Pair by Marjorie Leet Ford
Recipe of the Day: Olive Salad, Muffaletta Sandwich, Muffaletta Pasta Salad and more!
Daily Quote:
Jason McCullough: Well, it seems Joe murdered a man today.
Pa Danby: The way I hear'd it, it was a fair fight.
Jason McCullough: I was standing right there.
Pa Danby: You was standin' right where?
Jason McCullough: In the saloon when Joe shot him.
Pa Danby: Well, that was real smart of him, weren't it?
Jason McCullough: Mr. Danby, I've been around Joe all day, and I haven't seen him do one smart thing yet.
-Support Your Local Sheriff

By the way, don't necessarily try and read anything - like a secret message or hint about the entry - into the quotes I choose. I just spent about an hour and 15 minutes going through quotes - this site is an ADD sufferer's worse nightmare! - only to settle on the first one I chose! Here's another from Support Your Local Sheriff - one of James Garner's finest films, ever:

Jason McCullough: Why do these jaspers always show up at meal time?
Prudy: You gonna kill another man?
Jason McCullough: Well, I'm sure we all hope it turns out that way!

I love that movie! Okay, just one more:

Mayor Ollie Perkins: I guess you know what you're doing, Sheriff.
Jason McCullough: I don't know what I could have said to give you that idea, Mayor.

I don't have much to report today. I did not go to school - I called in sick. The reasons are personal, but it has to do with closure in this business my husband is having to go through. We took care of that early, then completed the tedious task of getting my driver's license and car tag up to snuff for this year. Mission accomplished.

I also plan on making a big pot of rice and a Cajeta Pound Cake. I posted the recipe in my food blog a couple of months ago and am now ready to try it. Pretty exciting stuff, huh? I have other things to do, too. I've already paid the bills. I need to try to find more things to get rid of, then, when my husband wakes up from his nap, I will work on his computer while he straightens up his office.

I have received a lot of positive response about my Cultural Diversity newsletter. I sent it last Friday to the Superintendent of Schools, and also to an Asst. Superintendent that used to be our principal. I am in full self-promotion mode. Now, I have to focus on grades - due tomorrow. I also have meetings both tomorrow and Thursday afternoon. Busy, busy.

My dad is having what looked like a mole gone bad (at least it looked really bad when we were on vacation in Mexico) removed and biopsied tomorrow. I hope that it all goes smoothly and that it is not a sign of bad things. My husband reminded me that his mother used to have a lot of melanomas removed - she called it her "cookie cutter operation." Everyone keep your fingers crossed.

I'm signing off now, I have been sitting at the computer for almost 2 hours - not good. I planned on this being an entry that lists the contents of my movie and video shelves - maybe next time!

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