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Daily Quote: Fred: "Yankee" and "gringo" are obviously pejorative, but it's the standard dictionary term that's the most insulting of all. "Estadunidense." Dense. D-E-N-S-E. It's the same spelling. Dense: thick, stupid. Every time you hear it. Estadunidense-dense-dense. It's like a direct slap in the face. It's incredible.- Barcelona

Be nice, now, with my title! I went to someone else's blog, and they had a Bravenet Mini Poll right on the page! And it's still part of my free services from Bravenet! I just wanted to try it out, so I came up with the Mystery Series question.

I have already written about Trixie Belden in a past entry, so I won't go on much. The other night, I went out to check my Trixie websites. I am disappointed that the internet company that used to sell funky Trixie T-shirts is now out of business - I should have bought the Trixie and Jim one while I had the chance... I was excited to find out that reprints of the series have begun, including The Secret of the Mansion, The Red Trailer Mystery, The Gatehouse Mystery, and The Mysterious Visitor. There are new cover illustrations, and I am curious about what else they have modernized! Take a look - you can even look inside of some of the books!

As I mentioned in my poll, please sign my guestbook if I missed your favorite mystery series!

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