Busy Sunday 7:15 p.m. 2003-08-03

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We woke up this morning and went to church - there was a terrific downpour in the middle of the service, with one swift power outage, and another strike causing a shock to the minister through his lapel mike. He did not waver from his sermon, except to react from the shock! After the service, we had lunch with a couple whose Bible Study we once belonged to, and their three boys. Then, we headed down to Decatur to look at the new gravestones for my husband's mother and father.

We also stopped by my mother-in-law's widower's new condo, to see how the decorating was coming along. On our way to pick up my mother's passport (on the other side of town...ahem.), we stopped by Jake's Ice Cream. We have not been there in a long time. There's one by my mother's house, but I didn't want to search for it! I had the Cinnamon Chocolate on a waffle cone, and my husband had Kenya AA in a cup. Yummy!

So, that was a long day of activity for us, on a Sunday, so hubby is napping, and I am surfing the web, and blogging!

I was just checking out my pal Beer Mary's new password locked site (I'm in, because I'm not mean...maybe she will let you in!), and have found at least 15 minutes worth of distraction - now up to 45 minutes. The first thing I saw, after reading today's entry, was a link to DFilm.com, where she and another blogger have made little cartoon films. I will try one later! ;-)

That link was provided by a guy whose blog is called Hi, I'm Black!. He had a great entry about being ratted out on by a fellow worker for blogging at work. (Something I have to watch out for!) He also had made a couple of DFilm videos himself! In the profiles of some of his characters, he provided links to some very funny blogs, including Kung Fu Tales of an Exotic Oriental Chick, and The Diner at Penda's Realm (funny story about guys not accepting advice from women on battery charging!).

Through the link to The J-Walk Weblog, I was directed to A Softer World.com, a website that offers a new comic every Friday - this week's one (Death Threats, Baby Doom?) is a real attention getter. the others are... interesting. The artists use photos instead of comic graphics, and have sold a couple to a magazine already. My husband goes often to Dilbert.com to look at the archive of Dilbert comics! ;-)

Tomorrow, I have pre-planning, and need to be at school by 8:00 AM (8:30 if I don't want breakfast!). My husband is going in to work, too, even though he doesn't have to until Tuesday.

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