Downtime and Uptime! 9:25 p.m. 2003-07-30

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I am back from my vacation! Yesterday, we just slept until early afternoon, only getting up to walk and feed the dog. Then, I went to see Seabiscuit, and ate a LARGE tub of buttered popcorn! I know, I am feeling too cocky about actually losing weight on our trip. I am sure that won't last for long at this rate!

On the way to see the movie, I listened to an interview with Laura Hillenbrand, the author of the book, on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. She was describing her 16 year experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Can you imagine that? CFS, and she still manages to write magazine articles and a New York Times best selling novel!

Needless to say, I loved the movie! I read a few reviews before I left for the movie, but it would not have mattered: it was glorious, and inspiring! Loved it! I used to be a big fan of horse racing, and was even lucky enough to go to the races at Ruidoso Downs in New Mexico, and sit in the Jockey Club with my grandparents. I read all of the horse books of my day, including recounts of famous racehorses, and this movie highlights the nobility of the sport.

Now, of course, having learned how to ride, and having been educated on some of the unsavory aspects of the sport, I am no longer as pro-racing as I once was, but I am all for the message of Seabiscuit: "Just because someone has been banged up a little, that's no reason to throw a life away..." - or something like that!

Today, I went with my husband to get a head start on his school year: hooking up some 60 or so classrooms with computer cables and the like. It was hot and sweaty work, not helped by the administration calling my husband away to help with their problems - leaving me (Cinderella) by myself to crawl around dusty desks in un-airconditioned classrooms, untangling various cables, in order to connect the computers. I will go back tomorrow. Yippee!

Someone owes me a massage!

We didn't leave the school early enough to go and see to the dog before my therapist's appointment, so we tried to grab a quick bite (this had to be the day when I got behind an giant Avalanche truck with a man ordering for a family of four!), then get across town in order for me to drop off the husband to do more computer missions of mercy - this time on my mother's new Mac - and get to that appointment!

When we got home, the dog had not been out for a LOOONG time. She's been pretty good off leash, so I followed her around the back yard, while she did her business. Just as I was urging her around the corner, toward the front door, I saw her ears prick up, and she took off! She ran up to a white dog being walked on a leash- can't place the breed, it looks like a 40 pound white Pomeranian - and start aggressing it! They had a little snapping fight until I was able to run up to her and grab her.

I was soooooo embarassed. Usually, I am the one who is yelling at people for having their dogs off leash, coming up to my dog to start something. I was furious, and afraid I might really hurt my dog (PMS and tiredness do not make for even-handed discipline). We have made up since then, but she has lost her off-leash privileges for a while.

I also need to get my butt up and take her for more walks, I guess!

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