Patzcuaro 9:52 p.m. 2003-07-25

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Recipe of the Day: Huitlacoche Soup, Tamales de Huitlacoche, and Chiles en Nogada

So, today we took a bus to Patzcuaro. It was a short ride, but it was amusing to see how the bus driver worked his shift. We stopped several times to pick up extra passengers, and he even took ownership of a package headed our way at one of the stops on the edge of Morelia. As we approached Patzcuaro, people then began to ask him to stop at places that seemed in the middle of nowhere, until we got to the bus station.

From there, we took a taxi to our hotel, the Hostal del Valle, two blocks off of the main square here. It is run by a family who also has a gift shop, and an Italian restaurant on the premises. It is very cute, but I am a little suspect of the closed up windows. But, it is cool here - Patzcuaro is at 7000 feet elevation - so I think it will be okay!

My dad and I set off to get a bite to eat (we arrived at just before noon) and left my husband in the room to rest. He has contracted a cold over the past two days, and was feeling under the weather! After getting a little lost, we ate at a small restaurant, where I has a HUGE plate of guacamole (they grow everywhere here - there are two trees behind our hotel!) and the local sopa de tarasca, a tomato and bean based soup with tortilla strips and other things in it. Then, we browsed the gift shops, and paid a visit to the House of the 11 Patios. I have found loads of gifts to buy for people at home! Can´t say anything about that right now! Then, when my husband woke up, we went again!

For dinner, Dad had found a lovely restaurant with a great view, but, alas, it closed at 5 PM! We then went to the Hotel de los Sueños, at a restaurant called Priscilla´s, and had a wonderful meal. It was very ritzy, with giant chandeliers, and fresh flowers!

After dinner, we tried to avoid the rain by strolling around the town plaza, and then my husband and I ducked into an internet place, from whence I write now! I will try to write more tomorrow, after our trip to Paracho!

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