From Atlixco 5:42 p.m. 2003-07-19

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I am writing from an Internet Cafe on the square in Atlixco, Mexico - my husband is also writing. Things are going okay, despite the stress of getting Dad to the airport (thanks to cousin Leah, and my friend, Laura) and into the country of Mexico. He came with just his driverīs license, and maybe a voterīs registration card - like in the olden days (pre 9-11). My sister, Claire, is trying to get his birth certificate Fed-Ex-ed to our hotel in Morelia. I am sure that things are going to be fine. And, anyway, Dad has always like Mexico - he will be happy here!

We will probably leave Atlixco on Monday morning for Oaxaca - as planned - but, instead of coming back here, we will probably try and stay another night in Oaxaca, and just go to Mexico City, and then to Morelia. We donīt want to wear out our welcome! Pablo and Lisette are extremely gracious hosts!

We are having a great time here - but I am not speaking as much Spanish yet as I thought I would! Our hosts both speak English, and itīs difficult for me to switch between the languages when most of my conversation has been in English!

So far, we have been to a small town near Atlixco to eat trout, and visited the place where they are raised. Yesterday, we went to Puebla, and looked for antiques (and old post cards for Papa John). I was disappointed not to see much Talavera pottery or tile, and our time was cut short by an invite for dinner last night.

Yesterday morning, Lisette took us up to the convent she is helping to refurbish, and one of the priests invited us to a Shabbat (yes, you heard right...)last night there at the convent. It is a sect called the Bienaventuranzas (in Spanish)that is approved by the Catholic church, but itīs "out there". The It was very interesting, anyhow, and I think that Lisette was pleased at out interest in her project!

This morning, we went up on the roof of the hacienda so that we could see the volcanos. There are two volcanos near their town. One is called Ixta and the other is called Popo. Well, today, we could see BOTH volcanos - AND there was smoke coming out of one of them (Ixta?)!!! We took pictures.

Then, we went to the mercado (market). It is not very touristy - not too many souvenirs - but I bought some brightly-colored oiled cloth for table cloths for Claire and myself, and Dad bought things to make a gumbo. Heīs making it tonight. The market was a little much for my husband (claustrophobia?), but heīs doing okay, now.

Have to go now! I have spent over an hour in this cafe, and we need to go back to the hacienda!

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