Last Day of Summer School! 10:32 p.m. 2003-07-14

Drive Time: 42 minutes - OUCH!
Current Listening: Knocked Out by My Nunga Nungas by Louise Rennison
Current Reading: The Nanny Diaries
Recipe of the Day: Kir Royale and "Make Your Own" Dessert buffet

Today was the last day of summer school -Hooray!!!! But, to remind me of days like this to come, there was a wreck just before I was home-free (or, uh, school-free, that is) on the exit to I-75 North. Icky! Still, I made it in time, got my grades in, had my students help me load my car, and took all of the stuff over to my permanent classroom at the middle school.

Then, I rewarded myself with sushi from RuSan, drove home, and took a little nap.

My husband took care of a lot of things today - the U-Haul people seemed to have just thrown up their hands and torn up the invoice after we stormed out of there - so that's good... Almost too good to be true... He also is purchasing a second hand Nissan Sentra, and got the insurance and registration taken care of, so that was very good. Lastly, he has taken my mom's poor, sick, Mac to the shop to be revived. Keep your fingers crossed, people.

In the meantime, my dad has had to purchase a new van. Hopefully, the guitar that he found, and that my husband is having refurbished, will fetch a great price on E-Bay. Also, hopefully his "new" (1988) wheels will get him to Houston, so that he can catch his flight on Wednesday.

We had family over for dinner last night, and I did a great job. The details are on my recipe blog, but I basically put the meal together with a couple of things I had around the house - Cordoniu cava (sparkling wine), Creme de Cassis, caramelized onions, carrots and broccoli, mushrooms, and almond angel food cake were all we had around. The rest of the meal, we picked up after a mad round of errands up here in the 'burbs.

Tomorrow, I have to pack, get the dog's things together (including trying to get her prescription filled...), have our mail held for 2 weeks, arrange for a neighborhood kid to hide our trash can after the trash is picked up on Wednesday and to water our plants in case "monsoon season" stops... and much more!

I am looking forward to our trip, and will try to blog as much as possible - Fodor's has listings of Internet cafes in most of the big cities we will be visiting - but things will be sparse!

Adios - Hasta manana! (sorry, I can't make that squiggly thing over the "n"!)

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