Yes, another blog!!! 11:24 a.m. 2003-07-01

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Yes, I have yet another blog. It's tentatively called It's All About the Food!, and is just a blog of recipes I try, alter, find, and invent. I will try to provide a permanent link from this page, as well as a guestbook. I also want to make a more exciting layout. My aunt and mother use Blogger, but it is new to me. I chose it because the tables are laid out already for links. I have already provided several links to recipe and cooking websites. Actually, the best way to search for a recipe is to type it into a Google search, but these are great sites.

Often, I will copy and paste a recipe that I got from one of these websites, but will add notes of things I have done to alter the recipe to my tastes. As my mother will attest, it is very rare that I will follow a recipe to the letter. It cramps my style! I am trying to flesh out some of the recipes that I have "invented", so that I can better share them with others. The goal is to blog one recipe a day, so that means that I will have to keep on it. I will include reflections on food and recipes, as well as links to sources for quick and easy seasoning packets, and other items, utensils, and cookbooks that I find indespensible.

I am a little disappointed at the moment with the layout of the kitchen in my new home. Believe it or not, our apartment had a lot more cabinet space, and a full pantry. I am trying not to be negative, but negotiating this small space is going to be a challenge for a while. Does this mean I will weed out some of my cooking gadgets? Not likely. I have them stacked on top of the cabinets for the time being. I also have some baking items in the guest bathroom cabinet. Yikes!

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