Trip to Mexico 11:54 a.m. 2003-06-18

Drive Time: 50 minutes
Current Listening: The Olive Farm by Carol Drinkwater.
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Current Viewing: Season One of Sex in the City (I am thinking of watching Seasons 1-3 in preparation for my viewing of the recently purchased Season 4 DVD set!)

Okay, can I just say that the weather here SUCKS? It is rainy and vile. This was the longest drive time so far. And just yesterday, I was enchanted by my surroundings here in Gwinnett County, GA. My husband and I headed to the Gwinnett Mall area, where he got a haircut, and I got a manicure and a pedicure. On the way, we passed a plethora of your basic suburbia staples, such as Harry's Farmers Market, Target, Costco, and a Rio Bravo Mexican restaurant.

Then, to the south, we have the lovely Pier One clearance center, more discount furniture stores than you can shake a stick at, and ethnic cuisine and grocers. I took a stroll around the industrialized area that surrounds our little neighborhood (the office park pond walking path was too muddy) yesterday, and just around the corner from our house is a panaderia/cafeteria, two taquerias (one a little mom and pop operation, and the other, an El Taco Veloz), an Asian restaurant selling bubble tea, and an interesting store - the Supermercado Jalisco. I couldn't go in because the dog was with me, and I am ashamed to say that I was uneasy about leaving her attached outside (Insert your own ethnic dog-snatching/eating jokes here!) We have also dined twice at the Fonda San Carlos, a Mexican restaurant that wasn't too bad. But I don't think I will be shopping at the Save-Rite anymore...too crowded, flys on the onions - scary! And not cheap!

I know, I know - just a couple of days ago, I mentioned that we are going to Mexico, and I haven't said anything since! We have definitely purchased tickets (which now have gone up by $250 - at least on our deal!) from Atlanta to Mexico City, and we are planning on going to Atlixco, which is a town south of Puebla.

We are going to Atlixco to visit some friends of the family. Actually, Pablo was my uncle's roommate at Texas A & M, I believe. We met them a long time ago, and actually visited their home when I was 13 or 14, on our family trip to Mexico. I loved their place back then, and was even thinking of going to the University of the Americas in Puebla to live in that area during my college years. Three years ago, when I was studying Spanish at the Baden-Powell Institute in Morelia, I made it a point to contact Pablo, and his wife, Lisette, to see if I could visit. Pablo picked me up in Queretaro, and drove me all the way to Atlixco - via Mexico City and Puebla!

A point had been made back then by my husband that I was in Mexico during our first anniversary. This time, he will be with me! He has only been to Cancun- with a day trip to Chichen Itza - and to Cozumel on our cruise. Now, he will get to see the real Mexico!

Right now, we have been invited to use the Ex-Hacienda San Mateo in Atlixco as our home base, and from there we will travel to Oaxaca (maybe overnight?), Veracruz, and Puebla. Then, I plan on us taking a bus to Morelia via Mexico City. I am not sure about stopping in Mexico City - I am a little leery, but the Archaological Museum is supposed to be fantastic. Another option is a side trip to Teotihuacan. While we are in Morelia, we will take a day or two to visit Patzcuaro, and maybe Paracho (to buy a guitar).

At the moment, I am resistant to car rental. For one thing, renting one with automatic rather than standard transmission costs at least $150 more. For another thing, you risk wacky driving, banditos (in certain parts of the country), and cops on the take! So, I am planning on our taking busses. Bus travel was quite comfortable for me the last time I went, despite one poorly chosen bus that took me on a longer route from Mexico City to Morelia than I had planned. My mom and I even took a couple of "country" busses and collectivos from Morelia to Patzcuaro and the environs. I think I even remember my mother and I actually taking a direct bus from Morelia to the Jaurez airport last visit, but will have to do some research. That will avoid us having to spend the night in a hotel near the Benito Juarez airport our last night out!

I am really excited about the trip. I think that it is a good compromise to the England trip, and I really need a break, after my summer of doing extra work (teaching summer school and moving!). My salary from summer school should cover the trip, so that will be a bonus! It might even provide incentive to teach summer school again.

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