Bad News, Good News 5:42 p.m. 2003-05-29

First the bad news: I lost my great airfare rate on! ;-) I was doing a search for car rental rates, and just happened to glance at my FareWatcher - and it was at $498! Shit!

In fact, when I clicked on that rate, it was not even available for the same times. I "updated" my saved itineraries, and they went up by 4/5ths the price!!!


So, it seems that the karma is off for traveling to Britain this summer, but we are considering that or somewhere warmer for Christmas.

And the good news is...

(Drum roll)


We spent about an hour signing papers this morning in the lawyers office, and then my husband went to work, and I went to the "unit" to take ownership of the keys and garage door openers. Then I was off to the city office to activate our electricity account. I still have gas, and my husband is going to do phone and internet change-over. We can't be without that!!!!

Today was pretty busy, and I got home at 4PM, where my husband was waiting with a dozen red roses and a tiny bottle of Korbel sparkling wine. Tonight, we will go to Carrabbas for a celebratory meal.

But we still have a lot to do - packing, painting, calling the movers... and then, summer school begins!

I am still disappointed about the botched trip to England, but I should just take one big event at a time, I guess!

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