Haikus about my students 10:24 a.m. 2003-05-21

I am so burnt out, and my students are really annoying me. I have asked a couple of students to just stay home for the rest of the week. I am speechless, and homocidal. So, I will post these haikus, written in more light-hearted days. ;-)

This is from an assignment from my favorite writing book, called Step Into Writing. The poetry form of haiku was quite difficult for my intermediate students, so I rattled off a bunch of them to show how easy they were. Well, for me, anyway!

Victor Hernandez
Tries so hard not to do work
He is not a dog!

Jose Hernandez
Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk!
Why can't he be quiet?

Busy Miss Maria
Always turning in her desk
Chasing her classmates

Helpful Yarely
She finally caught the bus!
Glad to see her here

Benitta Shoja
Taking notes on reading?
Or for Nazanin?

Brenda Lopez
Is that her stomach I see?
Why, isn't she cold?

Brenda Camacho
Makes my day a happy one
Always does her work

Miss Noveleto
Dreams of Brazilian beaches
Lives in Marietta

Nazanin sits there
The curliest hair I've seen!
What if it were long?

Gildardo Chapa
Looks at me, no comprehension
I hope he will pass.

Poor Jeff Miranda
Stuck in E S O L 2
Too smart for homework

Luigy Vega
Un Peruvano Verde
Thinks of his girlfriend

Jorge Antunez
Always ready to argue
must have the last word

That Jorge Padron!
Says E S O L's easy
...but is he passing?

Mayra Sanchez draws
flowers on her notebook page
What else can she draw?

Diana is pink!
Working hard in her sweater
Red pants go with it.

MY-cal, not Mee-ka-yel
Did I mispronounce his name?
Please forgive me, Mike!

Elideth Juarez
Passes notes in Guilliams class
Gotta go dancing!

Poor old Alfredo
Broke his finger playing ball
Let it go next time!

Dave Patel, he writes
As finely as a cob web
Blind teachers can't read!

Marcruz Felix
She just arrived yesterday
Has she gotten lost?

That Irvin Chavez
Making his poor mom worried
Thinks life is a joke!

Angel Gonzales
Too smart to have to study
What is with his hair?

And here are ones that weren't here at the time!

Poor Elizabeth!
Mean old teachers give homework
TV is her life...

Jonathan, not "Juan."
Born here in the U.S.A.
Misplaced in my class.

I miss Madahi!
Why'd she have to leave so soon?
She just got settled!

Miguel de Sur Trece
He didn't want to be here-
Boy, I'm glad he's gone!

I didn't say they were all profound! ;-)

(Note: This "short" entry has taken almost an hour and a half! Something to do with the default paragraph and page breaks on my Diaryland template! Aargh!)

Okay, enough for now. Only 2 more days after this!

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