We Make an Offer 1:03 a.m. 2003-04-12

This evening, we made an offer on a townhome. It is 3 stories high, and it is in Norcross, which is on the other side of the top of Atlanta from where we live now.

We were in the real estate agent's office for about 2 hours, with my husband's mother (a former real estate agent and mortgage broker), and her husband (a guy who knows a lot about contracting, and about how to cut a shrewd deal). I know nothing about the process, and, of course, found it tedious.

We have made an pretty low offer, and now we will see what comes back. I was concerned at offending the other party, but apparently that is not the issue. Of course, having said that, I would be ecstatic if we got the place for a significantly lower price.

This is a big step - one that I still am not sure I am ready to take. But, on the other hand, when do you ever know? I am also concerned about the drive - but I am sure that will be okay... I have had it really easy - working 20 minutes from where I live. In theory, this is supposed to be only 15 minutes farther.

My husband is threatening to disconnect the cable modem, as it is 1AM and we just got back from seeing The Core. By the way, what a load of preposterous crap!

More later! I'm off to beddie-bye!

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