I Rank!!!!! 11:16 a.m. 2003-04-11

One of the people that signed my guestbook - Roxy -told me that she found my banner on Diarist Clix. This is a service that I signed up for when I first opened my diary. I had no idea how my banner was displayed there either, but apparently I have now made their list. I am....

Drum roll, please....

Oh MY GOD!!!! I was at 203 a few minutes ago, and now I am at 185!!!! (I don't know what the little 503 in parentheses stands for...) It's like watching my stock go up!

I doubt that my humble banner, and the description: The rantings and ramblings of a middle school ESOL teacher... will attract the same people who are clicking on the many banners with SEX in the title or description! So, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Clix button, please!

I also came across a banner that credited addesigner.com for their ad. I will have to check it out! I need more movement in my banner!!!!

Okay, I know that this is boring to most of you. I will make another entry soon about the townhouse we are considering making an offer on.

And the fact that the sun is finally out, after many days of rain and gloom.

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