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1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?

Let's see...born in Ft. Stockton,TX, then I think we moved to Westlake, LA, where my sister was born. I actually remember San Angelo, TX, where I think we had two houses. I remember "The House on Midget Street," because I had a nightmare about that one - something with a midget, of course.

We moved to Broussard, LA, and lived in the big house from first grade to 9th grade, then we moved to Lafayette, LA, where I lived with my parents until I went to college.

Does college count? At LSU, I lived in a dorm, briefly in the sorority house, and then slept on the sofa of my former roommate when I "left" the sorority.

When my parents got divorced, I lived with my dad for a while, in a couple of houses, and briefly in an apartment. I roomed with my friend, Carolyn, in her apartment, then with my friend, Laura, in a trailer on a horse farm until I moved to France.

In France, where I lived two different years, I lived in a dorm, and then in an apartment adjoining one of my schools.

When I returned from France, I moved to Atlanta, GA, and lived with my mother until I got a job and an apartment. Ah, the Ski Lodge Apartments! I broke my lease when I decided to attend college over the summer to get my teaching certification, where I stayed in a dorm again.

From there, I moved to Monticello, GA and rented a small cinder block house with lots of shelves and ugly shag carpeting. I got out of the lease when the miserly landlord refused to change out the flooring after it got soaked from a water heater burst, and asked to move in with a colleague - to another small house.

We won't even go into that roommate ordeal - I'm scarred for life!

During my time off from teaching, I lived with my mom again, and in another barn situation - this time, an apartment in Alpharetta, GA. I returned to Lafayette, LA to stay with my dad and went back to college. When I got back, I lived with my mom again until I got a teaching job in Marietta, GA, and found an apartment.

My last two residences were not to far away from each other. The one I moved into upon returning to Georgia was an apartment in Smyrna. After I married, we moved to a larger apartment in Vinings.

Aren't you glad they asked? ;-)

2. Which was your favorite and why?

I guess I would have to say the house in Broussard. It was great big, or seemed so at the time, and we played in the attic, which never got completely finished, under the house, which was riddled with vents and chimney outlets, and seemed really roomy because we were so little. I went back a couple of years ago and have no idea how we got under there! It is also where we had our "pet graveyard." We played in the trees and bushes around the house, in the ditches around the house when it rained, and in the garage and barbecue pit area. There were porches around the front and back of the house, and even upstairs. It was a great place for kids to live!

3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?

As we contemplate buying a condo or house right now, I think it is a little exciting - except that we are limited as to what we will be able to purchase. We have a lot more possessions now, too, so that makes it more stressful to pack and move. I have to say that the MOST stressful part of moving is assembling and disassembling the ancient and rickety armoire that I inherited from my parents. Three people are needed, and I always forget how to do it!

4. What's more important, location or price?

Well, when you're not rich, of course, price is important. And, in Atlanta, it limits where you can live. I - and everyone else - would love to live in Virginia-Highlands, but the cost of houses is ridiculous, and we can't live in a one-bedroom aparment or condo. I don't know who can!

We are trying to look for something that is sort of equidistant to both of our jobs. At the moment, we work on almost opposite sides of town, with myself having the easier drive.

5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?

That's what I am (we are) facing right now. I would really prefer to have a house, with a yard and at least 3 bedrooms - so that each of us can have our own space. Even if it's a condo, I would like to have the 3 rooms and a small yard.

I would also like to have a good sized kitchen. If it were a condo, a pool and exercise area would be nice, but I have yet to use those facilities in the apartments where I live, so I don't know why I care!

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