Crazy about Sushi! 9:45 a.m. 2003-03-29

Last night, my husband came home to find me yucking it up over some new sushi sites I found. He says that I need to write a book on Wierdass Ways to Waste Time on the Internet.

All you do is type a word into a Google search: Sushi.

And you get these fabulouse Sushi Websites!

My favorite was the Sushi Fortune Teller. The downside is that it loads slowly, but be patient. I chose 5 of my favorites from the selection, and it places your choices into 5 categories. This is what it told me:

LOVE - Anago(Eel): (you are) passive, love to be courted, you never refuse anyone!

MONEY - Uni (Sea Urchin):(you) have a different taste from others, but tend to cling to unimportant things.

CAREER - Yellow Tail (a type of Tuna): (you) long for fame, but you lack self-confidence.

FAMILY - Salmon: your self-esteem is too high, making yourself isolated. But you depend on your family.

WISH - Maguro (also Tuna): (you)want to be an adaptive person.

Some of that stuff is so accurate, it's scary!!!!! I will let my readers decide which...

If you have ever wanted a Sushi Desktop theme, go to Digital Sushi. There are cute little pictures and descriptions of sushi rolls, screensavers and icons, - even sushi roll jewelry. Personally, sushi jewelry is a bit much for me, but I do like sushi clothing... I did not download the desktop theme (I only get those from reliable sources since the dressage theme debacle of Christmas 2000 - don't ask!)

Virtual Sushi Party:

Send a Virtual Sushi Party card to a friend. It comes with with 5 choices of sushi and ginger and wasabe!

For serious sushi fans who want to make their own, there's Sticky Rice great tutorials and recipes for sushi and sushi bowls. There are also answers to various and sundry questions for the squeamish - in particular about the fear of ingesting parasites (sushi wimps!)

I did a separate search on the sushi pyjamas I have seen lately on Will and Grace and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I found "wasabi" colored, and white, but I have yet to see the red ones Grace was wearing the other night.

I almost forgot about WIND-UP WALKING SUSHI! I found these at CostPlus World Market in time to stuff in my mother's Christmas stocking. They were a big hit, although it was difficult to find a pair that worked consistently!

I won't even go into the Marshmallow "Peeps" search that followed: I'm saving that for Easter.

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