New Car 8:31 p.m. 2003-03-17

This is my second entry - my computer just fluttered and died in the middle of my last (fascinating) entry. I am worried about my computer. I have had it for 4 years, through viruses and fatal crashes, and cannot bear to give it up to have it looked at.

So, long story short: we got a 2002 Toyota Echo - red. It has just over 8000 miles on it. I drove it, and like it a lot. It was not an expected purchase, but I am happy with it. I suppose it was worth the 3 hours we spent at the dealership, pushing papers across a table at the salesman.

I am sitting down in front of the television, watching Boston Public. There was a delay, because of Bush's address, and I almost went off. Thankfully (for Bush) it still came on.

I have a lot of paper running to do- I have to run a check up to the dealership, get medicine for my dog, other stuff. I got all of my grading up to date last night.

So, pretty boring right now.

My husband says we are going to war in 24 hours. I guess I will enjoy my boredom for now!

Good thing my new car gets great mileage!

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