I am going back to bed.... 8:58 a.m. 2003-02-15

I am up, because I had to go get the dogfood out of the car (I asked my husband to do it yesterday, but he did not - haruumph.). I am slightly hungover (2 glasses of wine - what a light-weight!) and typing without glasses (watch out for typos!)

I have 3 days off! Yay! Hy hubby will be out playing with music technology with a friend all day, so I may stay here, obsessively trying to get that image to be at the top of my diary, and changing the colors of my guestbook.

Then again, I could also work on my WEBSITE, the ORIGNAL reason for taking the 5 week class on website design. Hubby has set up Adobe Page Mill on my computer, so I can play around with that. He has also set up space on his server for my site. If it gets too big, then I will have to place it elsewhere.

Had the greatest time making Valentine's cards yesterday, but now I have to deliver them. I have a feeling I will feel quite antisocial today (when am I NOT?) but I made the cards, so I guess I need to deliver them. I also can make a card for Dad's birthday. Right now, I am having a super time copying pictures from art and graphics websites, but one day hope to finish some collages and run them through a scanner and Photoshop, and use them!

I put in another request for mor banner ads to be run, in hopes of attracting readers - a different concept than Diary-X. There, you just click on the list of most recently posted journals. Even if I don't continue my journal there, I am glad that I paid him the $12 because he has hosted it for almost 2 years. This site seems better for hosting images, even though it cost more. And I can start fresh!

By the way, I think that the reason my journal would not post my new entries last night was because instead of pasting template code into my template area, I posted code from an entry. Hooray for me for figuring that out!

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