What to do????- 8:04 a.m. 2003-02-14

I have just had another brilliant idea for a book. What about this great subculture of the online diary. It is something that many people I know don't know about, yet it is out there. People have these diaries, and are letting others into their lives, and it's pretty addictive. I can vouch for that!

Take me, for instance, staying up until 11:30, and now working on mine at school. And last night, I was just trying to find a cool layout. I like this one, but would eventually like to try to get the Peter Max heart one to work. It is truly me.

Still, how would I do it? I know that I could work to attract people to my diary, then keep files of the better guestbook sign ins and rants, and I can of course make it about myself - or a semi-fictitious person who is similar to myself. In case my life is too boring.

But what about the subcultures out there? What about the Ana-rings, or the very political African American site I was reading for a while, that seemed to be only essays on persecution by the White Man? How to credit? I would definitely make a list of my favorite diaries - if they still exist when I were to get this thing done...

I think that I will keep my Diary-X journal and use it for "brain drain," and work on making this one more "experimental" and public. I will try protect the innocent by not giving out a lot of names. I am not sure if I am going to do the Siddhilights (another diarist) thing and come up with a cast of characters with made up names. That seems like it could either be really clever, or really lame. I liked the way she did it, though.

Lately, it seems that I am at least starting to come up with ideas to express my creativity. It is just manifesting in different ways. I used to really want to do film, and may still do that - what with all of the advances and home computer accessibility now, and with a husband who is becoming knowledgable of the I-movie.

I have paints, but have not really used them. I have my lovely collage journal that I have at least started, but it's so easy to just plunk myself in front of the computer and play around on that - while watching TV at the same time. OUCH!

I also would like to incorporate some of my students' forays into the Internet, with my ePALS project in full bloom right now!

And then, there's the website, which is where I started before I got all sidetracked with the prettiness of the journal!

Help!!!! Not enough time...too much to do!!!!

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