More frustration- 11:56 p.m. 2003-02-14

more wierdness. I tried adding this to a previous entry, and it was invisible. So, to avoid throwing my laptop across the room, I am just going to try to make it another entry.

After too much tinkering, and a broken heart (image), my husband has figured that there is something in the (overly ambitious) table script that I copied that is centering the heart next to my text. So, the bigger the right side gets, the lower down the heart goes... Ay Chihuahua!

So, instead of turning in early with my lovely husband, here I sit, making another graphic to put below my heart to add space to that side... Give UP already!!!!

I also need to see to my Guestbook. it is Goth Black to go with the template I was going to originally use, and I tried downloading code from Poo Designs, and it didn't work. I may try to see if I can alter the color code in the black template - because I am obsessive about this right now...

Not that anyone has signed yet. I went to my Banner hit statistics, and it looked like someone "clicked through" to my site, but no one has signed in. I'm a bit paranoid, because one of my favorite diarists on Diary-X, themusewithin, has just closed her guestbook because of rude and harassing posters. Hmmmm. Caveat poster.

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